About us

My name is Patrik Olsson and I live in Sweden , when you think about sweden the first that comes to mind is probably not fossils, and that´s something i've been reflecting on, the knowledge and the availability to buy fossils are very poor here in my opinion.

Therefore at first I only provided fossils for Swedish customers, but as time went on I saw no reason not to sell to other countries as well, since I had a site and all so I decided to make an english version as well.

I've been interested in the prehistoric life for as long as I can remember.

As a child I spent a large amount of my time reading about the life of this lost world, and especially about dinosaurs.

At the age of 9 I began collecting fossils, and I can still remember how special and cool it felt to hold a piece of prehistoric history in my hand, and it still feels very special.

My passion for this is still as strong as the moment when I first started and I think it´s really important to love what you do in order to do your work properly.

Unfortunately theres a lot of sellers who put a label on their objects that isn´t accurate, one example for that could be to sell Moroccan Abelisaur teeth as raptor teeth in order to make customers pay a higher price, which I find very wrong. To be a good seller of fossils you got to have passion and be a collector yourself, and thats how I see myself, Im just a collector who also likes to sell fossils and support the interest for this subject.

To create this site in order to sell fossils is something I've wanted to do for a very long time,

and i´m very glad that I made it happen.

I hope you find some interesting objects and thanks for visiting my site!





                  Time flies.... 

  But a true passion never dies!