Where do your fossils come from? are they authentic?

I get most of my fossils from contacts I've had since 2006, who obtain their fossils directly from the digging sites or with few middlemen.

 All fossils we sell are authentic, even though we have good contacts that we trust, we never put an object on our site without checking them first.


What are your prices based on?

The value of fossils vary enourmously. 3 factors which play a large role is how common the fossil is but also the condition of it, if its been repaired or if it's very worn. Thats why two specimens of the same type of fossil and in the same size can vary a lot in price.
We also set our prices based on what kind of deals we┬┤ve got with our providers.


Is your fossils repaired / restored?

Fossils do often require some

reparations, it is many times inevitable but it doesn't affect the authenticity of the fossil and mostly its just small reparations. Moroccan material is often repaired due to the environment which makes most fossils fragile .Unrepaired objects are often more costly.


Shouldn't all fossils be keept on a museum?

It depends, whether or not the specimen is important for the purpose of research or something new thats never been found before.
The fossils that are neither important for paleontologists/ something newly discovered can be sold and owned buy anyone ( except fossils from countries which have very regulated export laws).
Some fossils are very common, One example of fossils with relatively good chances of becoming fossilized are teeth, since most animals got many of them and some even replaced them many times through their lifetime, but the density of teeth is also higher than bones, thats one example why some fossils are very common in difference to others.



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